Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

How does it work?

It’s easy to earn some extra cash from your unused clothes. Simply request a Clean Out kit, fill with your good quality used clothing, return to us via our shipping partner Sendle. We will sort, assess and list your clothes. Once your items have sold, you earn in-store credit or cash for your clothes. You can opt to have non-accepted items returned to you (charges apply) or they can be donated to a local charity.

What happens once I post my clothes?

Once we have received your items, they will be sorted and assessed. Those that have been accepted will be listed for sale. Items that we deem unsuitable for sale can either be returned to you (charges apply) or you can opt to donate them to a local charity. Please allow 3 – 4 weeks for shipping and processing of your items.

What do you with items that are not accepted?

Items that we deem unsuitable for sale can either be returned to you (charges apply) or you can opt to donate them to a local charity .

What condition are the clothes that you sell in store?

We only accept and sell clothes that are new with tags, like new or gently used. We do not accept or sell clothes with any form of damage or noticeable wear as outlined in our clean out kit guide.

Why were some of my items not accepted for sale?

All items submitted for sale are carefully examined by our team according to our strict quality standards. Items that do not meet these standards cannot be accepted.

Our strict quality standards are upheld to ensure we are selling top  quality clothing to our customers. 

Items that are not accepted can be returned to you ( charges apply) or donated to a local charity. 

What countries do you ship to?

Reluv currently ships to locations within Australia only. If you’re trying to shop from another country you won’t be able to access our site.

Does Reluv sell mens clothes?

We do not list or sell mens clothing.

How much clothing can I send?

To ensure we maximise the shippping costs and carbon emissions we cover the cost of shipping parcels from 10kg up to 25kgs of clothing per parcel. 10kgs is approximately 20 – 25 items of clothing.

Who pays for the shipping?

Reluv will cover the cost of parcels that weigh between 10 – 25kgs and where we accept at least 70% of the items sent to us. We ask that you adhere to the guidelines for acceptable items and ensure you are sending us brands we accept. If we accept less than 70% of the items you send us, we reserve the right to deduct the shipping costs from your payout.

How do I get a shipping label?

When your parcel is packed please request a shipping label here Once you receive your shipping label please print it, affix it to your parcel and drop your parcel at your nearest drop off point.You will have 4 weeks to drop you parcel off. After that time your label will be void.  

We have had to move to a hub drop off system due to too many failed pickups and dollars lost. You will have 4 weeks to drop your parcel at a hub location. After that time your label will be void.

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