Social Impact

If you look at the tags in most of your clothes you will see they are often made by some of the poorest women. In Bangladesh, a garment worker gets paid $98 AUD per month, working 6 day weeks and upwards of 10 hours a day. 

For many, this is their first role in the formal economy with the only other option being domestic work. These women move from rural villages to large cities, leaving their children and families behind them in search of an income to support them. 

Abuse in garment factories is a daily occurrence and the women that make our clothes have limited opportunity to effect change. They will often go without food, and if they bring their children to the cities they need to leave children as young as 4 or 5 years old to take care of themselves during the day, while they are at work. 

We aim to support advocacy, empowerment, health and well-being programs for these women through  Fabric of Our Society

Every time you shop with Reluv Clothing, you have the option to “Give $1 or more to Garment Workers” at the checkout. When you donate, we donate and 100% of these donations will go to support these programs. 

Shopping with Reluv means you are addressing the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry at the same time.