Shipping Label Request

Request a shipping label
  • YOUR PARCEL MUST WEIGH AT LEAST 10KGS TO QUALIFY FOR FREE SHIPPING. We will cover the shipping cost of parcels between 10 - 25kg only. Reluv DOES NOT pay to ship parcels under 10kg
  • Please ensure you have read the Reluv Guidelines and have packed items which adhere to them. If we accept less than 70% of your items and/or you ship less than 10 kilograms we reserve the right to deduct the shipping costs from your final payout. In submitting this shipping request form I confirm that
  • Thank You

    Once you receive your shipping label please print it, affix it to your parcel and drop your parcel at your nearest drop off point. Please allow 2- 6 business days for your parcel to be delivered to us and then 3 weeks for your clothing to be assessed.