20 Aussie Designers You Need to Know

Australian fashion is incredibly unique. Whilst interpretations vary, our lifestyle serves as a common thread that weaves these different views together. Certain designers manifest our carefree spirit through immaculate resort wear, while others associate our grounded nature with ethical practices, transparency, and the production of high-quality, durable pieces. No matter their style or strategy, these homegrown Australian designers should absolutely be on your radar.

  1. Lee Mathews: Known for effortlessly chic designs that embody a relaxed yet refined aesthetic. Lee Mathews collections exemplify elegant simplicity and are a testament to the Australian lifestyle.

  2. Bec + Bridge: This brand brings a modern and youthful vibe to the Australian fashion scene. Their cool and contemporary designs make Bec + Bridge the go-to brand for the modern Australian woman.

  3. Shona Joy: A beloved brand in Australia, Shona Joy is renowned for its quality, affordability, and distinctive signature style. Their collections often feature unique prints and luxe fabrics.

  4. R.M. Williams:A timeless classic in Australian fashion, RM Williams is synonymous with durability and style. Their iconic boots have a global following, and the brand's clothing line is equally impressive.

  5. Walnut: Known for their comfortable, stylish, and affordable footwear. Walnut is a favourite among Australians for their wide range of shoes suitable for all occasions.

  6. Alias Mae: A premium footwear brand that champions unique designs and high-quality craftsmanship. Alias Mae has quickly become a favourite among fashion-forward Australians.

  7. Alpha60: Founded by siblings Alex and Georgie Cleary, Alpha60 is renowned for its unique and quirky take on fashion. Their stylish yet comfortable designs perfectly capture the Australian lifestyle.

  8. Zimmermann: This brand has put Australian fashion on the global map with its gorgeous designs. Zimmermann is famous for its floral prints, feminine silhouettes, and elegant resort wear.

  9. Aje: Celebrating the raw beauty of Australia, Aje incorporates hand-painted prints and artisanal details into their designs. Their collections are a testament to the natural beauty of the Australian landscape.

  10. Oroton: A luxury fashion brand with a rich heritage, Oroton is known for its high-quality leather goods and accessories. Their timeless designs are loved by Australians of all ages.

  11. Mossman: Offering a fresh take on fashion, Mossman is known for its bold aesthetic. Their designs often feature strong silhouettes and daring prints.

  12. Perri Cutten: An Australian designer known for her sophisticated and elegant designs. Perri Cutten's collections are perfect for the modern Australian woman seeking style and quality.

  13. Bassike: Committed to sustainable manufacturing, Bassike offers minimalistic designs made from high-quality organic and sustainable fabrics.

  14. Camilla and Marc: A brand that embodies the laidback Australian spirit. Known for their clean lines, contemporary silhouettes, and premium fabrics, Camilla and Marc is a staple in any Australian wardrobe.

  15. Camilla:Renowned for its vibrant prints and detailed designs, Camilla has become a household name in Australian fashion. Each piece tells a story, making them collectable items.

  16. Carla Zampatti: An icon of Australian fashion, Carla Zampatti's designs are celebrated for their elegance, sophistication, and timeless appeal.

  17. Dylan Kain: A luxury accessories label loved for its stylish and functional designs. Dylan Kain's pieces are a favourite among the modern, style-conscious woman.

  18. Ginger & Smart: A brand that beautifully balances style and sustainability. Ginger & Smart is known for their innovative designs and commitment to ethical manufacturing.

  19. Hansen & Gretel: Offering a modern take on classic styles, Hansen & Gretel is known for its versatile pieces that can be worn season after season.

  20. Jac + Jack: Known for their high-quality basics, Jac + Jack offers a range of timeless pieces made from premium, natural fibres.



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