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Founded in 2019, Reluv is your online destination for preloved women’s clothing providing a wide range of brands, sizes and styles.

Based in Melbourne and 100% online, we offer beautiful, affordable and quality checked preloved clothing together with hassle free returns and exceptional customer service. 

Every year over a billion items of clothing are produced globally*. The average Australian purchases 56** new items but wears less than 60%*** of the clothing in their closet.

Increasing the usage rates for garments that have already been produced is a key aspect of a circular (and sustainable) fashion industry. We are here to inspire a new generation of shoppers by making reuse easy and accessible.

Look your best and help shape a new fashion industry by making second-hand your first option when you shop.

*Clean Clothes Campaign
**Australian Fashion Council

*** Fashion Resale in Australia Report 2022

Why Buy from Reluv

Sustainability at Reluv

Every time you choose to buy a secondhand item, it means one less new item needs to be manufactured.

It takes 2700 litres of water to produce the average T-shirt… think of the natural resources being saved by buying secondhand and keeping clothes in circulation longer!

Whether you buy from or sell through Reluv, you can trust that we have sustainability at the centre of all our business practices.

  • Items that are not able to be sold or donated, are recycled through textile recyclers in Australia.
  • Our parcel packs and shipping labels are all 100% compostable, reducing plastic waste. They can be placed in your compost bin at home at end of life.
  • All parcels are shipped through our carbon neutral service provider
  • We aim to minimise the use of printed products. Any printed material such as brochures, clothing labels and business cards are printed on 100% recycled paper using sustainable printing methods.
  • Our clothing racks and hangers are purchased secondhand where possible. Even our mannequins are eco-friendly!
  • The average website generates 2000kgs of CO2 per year. At Reluv we offset the emissions associated with powering our website every year by investing in accredited reforestation projects within Australia.
  • We avoid banks who invest in fossil fuel and have chosen Bank Australia as our preferred financial institution.

From carbon neutral shipping and textile recycling, to partnering with organisations that support vulnerable women, every time you choose Reluv you are investing in people and planet.

If you want to know more about our sustainability practices please contact us

Social Impact

If you look at the tags in most of your clothes you will see they are often made in Bangladesh. What you may not know is that your clothes are made by some of the world’s poorest women. In Bangladesh, a garment worker gets paid $98 AUD per month, working 6 day weeks and upwards of 10 hours a day.

For many, this is their first role in the formal economy with the only other option being domestic work. These women move from rural villages to large cities, leaving their children and families behind them in search of an income to support them.

Abuse in garment factories is a daily occurrence and the women that make our clothes have limited opportunity to effect change. They will often go without food, and if they bring their children to the cities they need to leave children as young as 4 or 5 years old to take care of themselves during the day, whilst they are at work.

This is a humanitarian crisis and change is needed.

We aim to support advocacy, empowerment, health and well-being programs for these women.

Every time you shop with Reluv Clothing, you have the option to “Give $1 or more to Garment Workers” at the checkout. When you donate, we match your contribution and forward 100% of these funds to support important programs for garment workers.

Shopping with Reluv means you are addressing the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry at the same time, whilst continuing the story of a garment.

We also support a number of charities within Australia. Items in good usable condition that are not accepted for sale are donated to one of our carefully selected charities:

  • The Remote Op Shop Project which supports entrepreneurship in indigenous communities.
  • Work wear is donated to Fitted For Work to support women seeking employment.
  • Coats and jackets are donated to the homeless in Melbourne to see them through the cold winters


In 2021 we produced the first Fashion Resale in Australia Report to collate data and report on the state of fashion resale in Australia. We have since produced the 2022 Resale report which aims to benchmark resale in Australia, improve industry knowledge and support knowledge sharing in the fashion resale sector. 

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