A Stylist's 5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Clothes

When you invest in a piece of clothing, you want it to last, but how?
Brands will hammer you with messages to SHOP SHOP SHOP rather than CARE CARE CARE simply because when we buy more, they make more! There isn't much out there relating to the care of our beloved wardrobe pieces when they leave the store rack.
So, we asked an expert.
Award winning stylist, Maddy Forster from Mad About Fashion specialises in endometriosis and bloat friendly styling. She shares our belief that clothing can be an incredible vehicle for change, styling consciously chosen pieces that make you look and feel amazing.
Here are Maddy's 5 tips to help you get the most out of your clothes:
1. Do a seasonal clean out, reflect on how or if your body has changed. Do these items fit coming into a new season? 

2. Hang your pieces with velvet hangers. This will protect your clothes and provide as much space as possible in your hanging area. Velvet hangers also keep your wardrobe tidy as clothes are less likely to slip off. 

3. Try to avoid storing your shoes where your clothes are, this will prevent any odours from seeping into your clothes. 

4. Don't hang your knitwear, always fold this so you don't stretch the delicate fibres.
5. Always have some form of mothball and silverfish protector in your wardrobe to avoid any holes or fibres being eaten! 

You can learn more about Maddy and her styling services here.
Over the coming month's we'll be sharing more about garment care and repair to extend the life of your clothes. Stay tuned!


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