Spotlight On: Munnade Social Organisation- Empowering India’s Garment Workers

It’s Fashion Revolution Week! What better time to tell you about a little something we’ve been working on for the past few months!

So, without further ado…we’re so excited to announce our new partner organisation Munnade Social Organisation, a not-for-profit that is committed to advancing the welfare of female garment workers.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, India, the organisation was founded by a group of former garment workers who possess a profound understanding of the industry and a keen sensitivity to the issues affecting low-income working women.

Working across both urban and rural settings, Munnade creates and offers programs that provide vital skills training and education to improve women’s ability to self-advocate,  manage finances and gain independence. They also offer training on various labour laws, capacity building, counselling and legal assistance.

The women Munnade encounters are often sole earners or single mothers, and are the backbone of the family. This led to the natural extension of services to enhance the security, care, and overall development of their children aged 0-16 years. The organisation actively works towards getting these children into mainstream schooling through educational initiatives and life skills development. 

To date, Munnade has impacted over 3,500 women and nearly 2,000 children through its initiatives. We’re so excited to be part of the Munnade story and help this important organisation continue their essential work. 


For many women in developing countries, a job in the apparel sector is often their first formal employment opportunity and an important step toward financial independence. 

The apparel sector holds great power and potential to impact the lives of millions of women in low-income countries and, by extension, their families and communities. However, there are numerous human rights issues intertwined with the industry that are complex and require grassroots organisations with local knowledge to combat. 

Reluv strives to address these issues through collaborative multipartner initiatives by investing in programs that improve the lives of garment workers, their families and communities.

We in the west cannot make progress or call ourselves empowered if we aren’t actively addressing the disparity within the fashion industry.   

You can learn more about Reluv’s impact here.


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