Body Positive

Fashion and body image are inextricably linked.

The fashion industry has been famed for showcasing models who do not represent real womens’ bodies with little diversity. Typically models are a size 6 and the average Australian woman is a size 14 – 16.

With shop mannequins and models so far from the real body, the average Australian female shopper will have no clue what a garment is going to look like on them if it is only seen on a size six model. This skews our perspective on what a normal body looks like, and that has been hugely damaging for both young and older women for decades.

The truth is very few of us look like a Victoria’s Secret model.

And that’s beautiful! We are all born with different genes and raised in different environments which all play a part in determining our body shape and size. Bodies also change over time – it’s natural and normal. We need to embrace the imperfections of our bodies as they change over time.

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring the body positive movement in Australia. We will introduce you to amazing Instagram influencers who promote body confidence and inspire us, interview women who are working in this space, share some valuable resources and give away some fabulous prizes.

Being Spring, we will all start seeing messages about getting our bodies into shape for summer and we might be faced with the dreaded expedition to buy bathers. We challenge you to approach this summer with a different perspective of, and a greater sense of appreciation for, your body.

Join us on the journey to learning to love your body.


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