Did you know that caring for your clothes brings environmental benefits too?

Extending the life of your clothes by caring for them properly is hands down the best way to keep them from ending up in landfill. On top of that, you develop a loving relationship with your clothes when you make a conscious effort to keep them beautiful and timeless. We all know that you wash, dry and store your clothes, but here are some tips which will help you to get more life out of them.


First and foremost, it is very important that you wash your clothes less. You get a double benefit: 1) It keeps energy and water consumption low 2). It keeps the shape and form of our clothing as they are meant to look and feel. Now, of course, our clothes need to be washed to keep them ( and us) smelling fresh. When it is time for a wash, use a cold setting on your machine and a mild detergent (preferably a chemical-free one). As for removing stains, get to them as soon as you can! The longer you let the stains sit, the harder it becomes to remove them. Avoid store-bought stain removers as they are often full of harmful chemicals. Instead, try a natural DIY stain remover made up of 3 parts water, 1 part vinegar and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Keep a little spray bottle of the mixture handy for when there is an emergency.


Opt for air drying on hangers as much as possible because heat from tumble drying can really alter the quality of fabric over time. We highly recommend coat hangers (the ones with the wider shoulders) for shirts, T-shirts, and cotton pullovers. Plastic hangers form those weird little divots on the shoulders which you can never get rid of. Hang drying your shirts and T-shirts can prevent wrinkling as the weight of damp clothes helps to smooth out the garment and saves time ironing (which we are not fans of!). When hanging pants, peg them either at the waistline or at the leg opening to prevent wrinkles. You get to kill two birds with one stone!


Storing is a crucial step to taking care of our clothes. When it comes to hanging up clothes in the closet – avoid using plastic hangers as they tend to ruin the shape of your clothes. We suggest you invest in 3 types of hangers: coat hangers, felt hangers and pant hangers. It is best to hang most of your clothes if you have enough closet space, However, you should always fold your sweaters. Careful storage and a well-organised closet will allow you to have visibility of all the items you own and encourage you to wear what you already have. Regular closet cleanouts will help to keep your items in circulation longer by giving them a new life with a new owner.


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