How to get the most out of your second-hand online shopping experience

Seven tips to make your pre-loved online shopping successful

There is a certain joy that comes with buying a beautiful piece of second-hand clothing at a fraction of the retail price to add to your reloved wardrobe.

There is the satisfaction of knowing that you have shopped with a lighter impact on the planet. If it is a for-purpose business you shop with, you are giving back to the community too.

Some of us love the fossicking through racks in opp shops, however, for others, the countless racks and piles of clothes can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily there are a growing number of online options including eBay, Facebook marketplace and Reluv.com.au where you can source amazing second-hand deals.

So here are a few tips to help you find some preloved gems online.

1.Shop with the seasons

People don’t just spring clean in Spring – a change of season often signals a closet cleanout so this is when you’ll find some great buys.

2. Be specific

Online stores usually catalogue stock with some order and have great sorting features eg colour, style, size. So if you are looking for something specific, this is a great way to shop. Some sites will even be able to notify you of your favourite brands when new items arrive in store.

3. Know your colours

Scan products for colours that you know suit you and the patterns and fabrics that pop. Remember to use filters and set favourite searches if you are wanting to be notified when more stock arrives in store.

4. Look for classic styles

Looking for classic styles is the key to scoring some great buys. A designer jacket, tweed coat or handbag may be out of reach brand new but affordable second-hand and classic items are timeless so will always remain stylish.

5. Delight in vintage

Clothes from the 60s and 70s were made to last so not only is a vintage piece a great addition to your wardrobe, it will hold its value which will enable you to resell it at a later date. Make sure that it’s a style that you will wear and not something psychedelic that you will tire of quickly.

6. Try out new styles

If there is a new trend you are considering, buying it cheaper second-hand is the perfect way to try it out. Look for online shops where you have the option to return an item if it’s not quite right

7. Stick with brands that work for you

You likely know the brands and sizes that fit just right. Sticking with those tried and tested brands will ensure you find a great deal online, and look for online shops where you have the option to return items that don’t suit.


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