Recycling is Not Just for Containers! 5 Ways You Can Embrace National Recycling Week in your Wardrobe

Let’s face it, we’ve all stood by the recycling bin wondering if that plasticky packet can go in or peering at the numbers on that biscuit tray. But, recycling isn’t just for your containers, or hiding the evidence of your Tim Tam habit. 

Here are 5 ways you can take the spirit of National Recycling Week into the wardrobe:

1. Wear what you have! 

The most sustainable shopping is the shopping you don’t do! Wearing what you already have maximises cost per wear (#girlmath anyone?) and can be a great way to rediscover old pieces.

2. Buy Nothing New!

October is ‘Buy Nothing New Month’ but it’s always the sustainable option! If you need your shopping fix, try buying preloved items instead of new. And, if rifling through the racks at op- shops isn’t your thing, Reluv is the perfect place to shop Certified Reluvable, quality clothing from the comfort of your couch!

Buying second hand extends the life cycle of clothes, prevents pollution from producing new items and helps cut back on landfill waste. Oh, and did we mention you can often snag incredible pieces for a fraction of the retail price? Who doesn’t love a bargain??

3. Use trends as inspiration, don’t follow them!

The fashion trends we coveted in the naughties are well and truly back (although we aren’t happy about low rise jeans), proving that fashion is truly cyclical and trends come and go. It's generally unsustainable to follow the latest trends. You’ll end up with a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. Use trends as inspiration and spend some time figuring out your own personal style. Learning the difference between collecting and curating is key to building a beautiful wardrobe.

4. Upcycle! 

You don’t have to be a crafty genius to upcycle your pieces. Hack the legs off some jeans to make cut offs, dye a dress a new colour, or simply take pieces into a tailor and get them altered, patched or refitted (it’s cheaper than you think)!

5.Recycle your clothes and textiles!

There’s a quote that says ‘waste isn’t waste until it’s wasted’, and the same goes for your clothes. Textiles can have a long useful life, even after they’ve departed your closet space. Diverting your used and well loved clothing to textile recycling rather than landfill helps hugely with circularity efforts and reducing waste! 
Reluv has a partnership with Upparel whereby you receive a $25 voucher to use at Reluv when you purchase a recycling collection through Upparel

National Recycling Week is a great opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment in any way we can. Every action counts, no matter how small.

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