Reimagining, recreating and restoring the fashion industry

We are launching an exciting new partnership today on World Environment Day!

Reluv is reimagining the fashion industry by giving your (good) unwanted clothes a new life and working towards a circular economy. To do this though, we also need a way to recycle clothes that are no longer wearable.


Reluv was born out of a desire to reimagine a better fashion industry and our platform allows you to extend the life of your clothes via a reloved wardrobe.

You send us clothes that are in good condition and we resell them so someone else who can enjoy them – reducing the demand for new products that have considerable environmental and social impacts. It’s a perfect match between those who have wardrobes bulging with clothes they never wear and those who are after ‘new’ clothes but are conscious of their environmental and social impact.

But what should we do about the clothes that are beyond their useful life? It’s time to think beyond throwing them into landfill and reimagine them as new products – that’s where Reluv’s new partnership with Upparel comes in.


Upparel’s mission is to reduce the number of textiles that end up in landfill through turning them into new products – a wonderful way of recycling that can help to address the 23kg of textiles we discard to landfill per person, per year. To date, Upparel has saved 2,242,014 items from landfill and prevented 1,207,200kg’s of greenhouse gas emissions. Upparel repurposes old textiles into new products such as yarn, insulation, office partitions and stuffing for pet beds.

With our new partnership, you can send your well worn clothing and unwanted textiles to Upparel for recycling and be rewarded with a voucher to spend online at Reluv! Together, Reluv and Upparel are working to recreate the fashion industry and make it truly circular– check out the partnership here.


There is no perfect solution to addressing the many environmental challenges that we are facing but rethinking how we do fashion is a great start. Choosing to buy second hand means you’re taking steps towards restoring the planet. Second hand means there is less demand for new products, which can lead to a reduction of greenhouse gases; reduce the 1.5 trillion litres of water used by fashion companies; prevent the pollution of our waterways; and reduce the 70 million trees that are cut down every year.

Small actions today can have big impacts in the future. So join us as we work to reimagine, recreate and restore the fashion industry.

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